About 3one4

So you want to know a bit more about us, here is a good place to start. You will find the usual designer bio clichés such as: “do we like cats?” (we do), whether we drink coffee (surprisingly, we don’t) and whether we are ‘design ninjas’ (we have no formal ninja training…). In fact, if that is all you wanted to know about us we have already satisfied your curiosity. As that is unlikely read on for more ‘useful’ information

Meet The Partnership


Kerra Brown

Design and Art Director

Kerra’s role at 3one4 is as our graphic creation expert, overseeing all of our design processes. She usually starts a design process very organically and with her background in painting and sculpture, her work often includes analogue, as well as digital, inspiration, blending traditional and innovative techniques to produce creative design solutions. She also manages our print process, the design of our marketing material and is the resident 3one4 DJ!


Perran Crosley

Marketing and Technical Director

Perran manages the technical side of 3one4. His main remit is to develop web development and brand strategy for our clients. He is the partner who you will normally speak to when you contact 3one4, fluent in multiple languages including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, MYSQL and even English! During our development process he is involved throughout, using his expertise in brand management to shape the growth of your brand, as he carries out the market research necessary to produce the best results for your business. His brand expertise complements Kerra’s artistic vision, producing a beautifully symbiotic team who can create the perfect results for your company.

Our Values


The most important aspect of our brand model is producing high quality work. From Research to delivery we leave no stone unturned to ensure we deliver the highest quality result possible. We keep our work volume low, which allows us to have strict quality control on our projects ensuring our deadlines are met. Of course, the downside to this is that we are not always able to start projects immediately, though we will always try to accommodate a client if we can.


Results are the key to what we do. We consider that design is a business solution in an aesthetic package, so real world results are important to us. Despite the misconception that design is purely subjective there is plenty of objectivity in our field and all our projects are based on creating results,. We have an understanding of how we can create results for your business and that becomes the number one goal in any project where we are involved.


One of our key aims at 3one4 is to provide value. We want to offer a professional design experience to everyone. Value does not mean low-cost, though our prices may sometimes be lower than other studios. What we are aiming for, is to offer a service is worth more than it’s cost. Many new businesses struggle to see the value in paying professionals to help with the design of their start-up, we are aiming to change that. The CEO doesn’t wear suits from TK Maxx so why should his company?