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Dyslexia – Font Design With Purpose

3one4 – Opinion

At 3one4 we talk about design being aesthetic problem solving. Here are some designers trying to solve dyslexia with specially designed typefaces. (…)

Website Basics – How Do They Work?

3one4 – Technical

Most people don’t consider what goes on to make a website work. In this article we will break down how a website is built and expose the bare bones, what makes them work the way they are seen. (…)

10 Reasons Why We Prefer Emails to Phone Calls

3one4 – Opinion

With email being over twenty years old I thought it was time that I made my feelings known. Email makes my job and therefore life easier, I am a talker therefore email is far more efficient now find out why (…)

My Name Is Perran Crosley And I Am A Feminist #HeForShe

Staff – Opinion

I strongly consider myself a feminist. But more than that, I believe in the rights of all humans irrespective of gender, race, size, sexuality, hair colour, eye colour, religion, etc.(…)

Now Accepting Bitcoin

3one4 – News

We are a forward thinking studio. We are forward thinking individuals. We are moving into the next generation. We are not libertarians or hippies. We do accept bitcoin for design. (…)

April Fools – 3one4’s Favourites

3one4 – Opinion

Brands understand the value of internationally recognised holidays. And no other has gained as much traction as April Fools(…)

Logo Design Contest – 6 Tips To Succeed

3one4 – Opinion

With crowdsourcing increasing in popularity more people are trying their hand at design by heading to sites like 99designs, Designcrowd and Crowdspring to start a logo design contest. (…)

Reebok Rebrand – Banking On Fitness

3one4 – Opinion

The original Reebok rebrand positioned them as a competitor for Nike and Adidas, now they are striking out on their own(…)