Logo Design Contest – 6 Tips to Succeed

With crowdsourcing increasing in popularity more people are trying their hand at design by heading to sites like 99designs, Designcrowd and Crowdspring to start a logo design contest. Following these tips might help improve the choices you make in selecting your design if you take that route.

1. Do some research on other logos in your industry

Logo Design Contests lack the research needed for a strong identity

This cannot be emphasised enough. On our projects we spend a lot of time researching the logo landscape that surrounds the industry it is for. It is an extremely important part of our process. You can use google, logopond and behance, think about what your competitors logos and identities represent and think how you want to be represented. A designer in a logo design contest doesn’t have the time to do this research, so you have to do it yourself. And then you need to try and get the information across to them.

2. Do some research on logo design

Learn about design before holding a logo design contest

Seeing as you have found this post you may already be on the path of doing that, in which case well done, but keep going. There is a lot to learn, as a designers we have qualification and years of experience in creating logos. You have taken over our role in the process, so you have some catching up to do. Look around you, we are surrounded by design everywhere, look at the difference between the good and the bad, it is obvious when you start looking. You may not be doing the technical side of the design but that is the easy part. The hard part is understanding the effect and value of a design, so start learning.

3. Write a good brief


You aren’t going to get revolutionary work from a logo design contest. A competitor isn’t getting paid to think, so don’t expect them to. This doesn’t mean tell them exactly what you want it means do the research for them. All that research you did before, include it in your brief. Mention other companies, talk about the impression you want to give and how you want to be represented. Don’t use words like secure, reliable and innovative. As it doesn’t really inspire innovation or show it. Let the competitors choose the destination but give them the road to walk on. Of course this still won’t guarantee results as many logo design contest designer simply read the title and put in design but it increases your chances!

4. Actively participate

Feedback on a logo design contest is vital

So you have chosen to spend some money on a competition. We can assume if you choose a logo design contest the amount you are spending is not insignificant to you. If that is the case then before you start the competition set aside time to participate in it. Give feedback on every design, even the no hopers, be polite and generous with feedback using the information you learned when researching good logo design. Remember the people you are dealing with may be customers or clients one day. Give constructive criticism, remember these people are working for free. So have some respect for them and show that you are putting in the same effort as they are, the way you act represents your company so act in the manner you want to be seen.

5. Don’t choose a “generic” design

generic logos are prevalent in logo design contests

Google generic logo design. Look through the various logo stores. Look at the entries into your competition. Are they similar? Look at other competitions on the site, are any of the designs similar to those on your competition? Quite probably. For many full time competitors a logo design contest is a numbers game. Put in enough glossy generic designs and they will win competitions held by people who don’t know any better. It is good business on their behalf but not so good for yours. Avoid these designs at all costs. Logo design contests produce a lot of generic designs so be very careful, is your business generic or at least do you want people to think it is…

6. Be realistic


The reality of crowdsourcing is that you are paying one person to do your design but 50 people are trying to get paid. The maths isn’t in your favour, the minimum wage in the UK is £6.50 so lets assume that people entering design contest are looking for at least that amount hourly. Your logo design contest prize is £150 and only one can win that amount. The best entrants win around 3% of contests entered, meaning that they win once every 33 entries. To reach a payment of £6.50 an hour they can spend a maximum of 42 minutes per entry. So be realistic with what you can receive for your 42 minutes of design work.

We don’t represent many designers when it comes to logo design contest sites, the work currently created is fairly poor which is a shame for the people using it. However people not understanding the value of good design is nothing new. Those that choose crowd sourcing often are the type that would have previously “designed” the logo themselves or got a friend who is really good on photoshop to have a go. If you are considering a logo design contest, then have a browse round our site and get in contact to see if we can help you instead, we even offer a good value small business logo package for people looking for a lower cost option for their small business.

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