our projects

This is by no means an exhaustive collection of our work, just a taster! If you want to see more work feel free to drop us a line.



Visual Identity Design

Wicked are a coffee shop that are looking to build a modern and recognisable franchise business. We were tasked with designing their visual identity.


Soul Play

Brand Identity Design

Soul Play are a children’s yoga clothing company that are looking to put the play in addition to the soul of yoga. We designed their brand from the ground up.


Chase & Penny

Brand Identity Design

Chase & Penny are an upcoming surfwear company who are looking to compete with the big guns like, Quiksilver and Billabong. We designed their brand identity and their custom logomark, the Wavepersand™.



Brand Identity Design

Discretio are a discrete luxury brokerage they want to present a high quality image to their clients and promote their level Discretio-n. We developed their print and web identity.



Brand Identity Design

Mano are a craft brewery based in Hawaii they were looking for a brand to match their beers. We delivered them with their new brand identity to support their growth.



Logo Design

Rewind is a house music producer and DJ, they wanted a logo to represent them. We designed a bold logotype with a built in logomark for them.