My Name Is Perran Crosley and I Am A Feminist. # HeForShe

I often forget that equality is an issue, however that is not to say I don’t understand that it is. It is simply that I exist in a cloistered world surrounded by people with similar liberal sensibilities. Those that don’t share my views seem to start understanding them after getting to know me. Equality is not a hard sell, bigotry comes from ignorance and to combat ignorance you need open discussion. Open discussion that is helped by campaigns such as #HeForShe.

But first let me get some things straight for those assuming I am not a very “masculine” man, although I certainly don’t perceive myself as “masculine”, I without a doubt tick many of the boxes that apply to the stereotypical mans’ man. I am not some arty hipster!


✓ I enjoy drinking lager

✓ I enjoy working on fast cars

✓ I am a huge fight fan

✓ I enjoy movies by Tarantino, Scorsese, Copolla, et al

✓ I fanatically support England in any sporting endeavour and denounce them after we inevitably lose

✓ I like books by Andy McNab and Chris Ryan

These are just some of the traits that I have that I believe would put me in the category of a stereotypical man.

But despite all of these things that identify me as a “man”, I strongly consider myself a feminist. But more than that, I believe in the rights of all humans irrespective of gender, race, size, sexuality, hair colour, eye colour, religion, etc. We are all human, the portion of our DNA that separates us from each other is so insignificant it shouldn’t be considered.

We are all just stardust!

Emma Watson recently made an impassioned speech at the UN opening of the HeForShe campaign, she talked about how feminism is a dirty word. And it is, it truly is, I am a proud feminist and tell anyone that will listen however I always preface my admission with a confirmation that I am not “one of those” feminists. We don’t need to reclaim the word we need to change the focus. I am not just a feminist I am an egalitarian.

“I believe in Men’s rights, Women’s rights, the rights of Transgendered people, the rights of Muslims, I believe in the equality among all People.”

To be a successful feminist and to see the change you want enacted you must believe in equality not just equality for women. Ms. Watson mention in her speech that Men are also affected by gender roles, that is true we are, but by announcing yourself as a feminist you closing the borders of the campaign. As an egalitarian you can still fight for women’s rights, you can focus campaigning for women’s rights but you acknowledge that for women to have rights that everyone else has to be afforded the same level of privilege. There is no group of people more privileged than any other, and it is important to remember that, when campaigning for equality.

Despite my protestations, I am still proud to identify myself as a feminist and gladly offer my personal and 3one4’s support to the HeForShe campaign. Awareness is the beginning of the cure so make your support known #HeForShe.

Go to now, add your name and show that you support the goal of equality.

My hope is that one day, that even when I leave my cloistered world, I find myself surrounded by humans. Not women, men, muslims, homosexuals, blondes…

Simply Humans.